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   Our corporation is located at Lihe Street, Zouqu Town , the west suburb of Changzhou City, lying in the middle part of Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway and adjacent to 312 National Highway. Established in 1986, the corporation is a professional factory manufacturing special hard tooth face speed reducer for plastic extruder and cycloidal-pin gear speed reducer, being member of Shanghai Mechanical Engineering Institute. It main products contains Driving Series ZSY-ZLY Firm Gear Cylindrical Gear Reducer Speed Reducer, ZLYJ<112-450> special speed reducer for plastic extruder, B, X and BJ serial cycloidal-pin gear speed reducer.
   The corporation owns rich strength on science, technology, operation and management. (Passed spot test for speed reducer carried by ministry of machine building in 1997 and won certification)
   Taking satisfy clients' requirements as our staff's aim, we would like to take on special design and manufacturing to make common developments.